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Working at ESATECH is different!

At esatech, everyone can actively innovate and work hard to do amazing things. Everyone can come up with their own ideas and ideas at any time.

Flexible working hours

There is no need to punch cards when commuting to work, efficiency comes first, your work rhythm is under your control.

Caring for your life in all aspectsWorking at ESATECH is different!

Complete commercial insurance, annual physical examination, free gym and entertainment center.

Work with outstanding people

ESATECH has a first-class talent team, where you will meet people who are better than yourself, and from excellent to excellent together!


Want to take time off to relax? Have leave for private matters? Various types of paid leave are available here. You can also use public welfare activities in exchange for public welfare leave. Some things are more important than work.
Send your CV to, we’ll contact you when something fits.
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